THE SUNDAY REVIEW: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 10.33.33 PMI’m branching out from YA/NA reviews with this little gem — Neil Patrick Harris’s autobiography, Choose Your Own Autobiography – a second person POV autobiography written like a Choose Your Own Adventure book (!!!).

So, yeah. Needless to say, it’s amazing. Even if the content weren’t interesting (which it is), the mere interactivity of it, with pathways that lead you to drowning in quicksand with Big Bird at your side… it’s just a hoot and a half. It’s fun without being gimmicky (or maybe it’s so blatantly gimmicky that it’s fun?) and the second person POV works brilliantly.

The only hiccup preventing a 5/5 is not NPH’s error, but my own. I downloaded this and read it on my (er, 2007) Kindle, which for some reason would not let me move within the book that easily, resulting in lots of grumbling as I flipped through things I’d already read. So if you decide to read this, I would recommend buying the hardcopy. Or maybe just reading it on an eReader that is not from like, the ice age.

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xo Elizabeth