THE SUNDAY REVIEW: Hushed by Kelley York


Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 2.03.12 PMOh, this book… what fun. Creepy, serial killer fun, but fun nonetheless.

I decided to download this after reading the review over on Writability — it was about twelve midnight, and I had to work the next morning at five (med school: I would not recommend it). I thought I’d read a few chapters and see if it was any good.

Cut to two hours later, when I finally finished it and went to bed. What a fun, addictive little read. It’s a bit creepy (the main character is a Dexter-esque serial killer), and the event that kicked off his killing spree is quite dark (and might be off-putting for some readers, just a warning). But it isn’t so dark/creepy that you put it down feeling icky.

In terms of writing, it wasn’t perfect — there were a few things I thought could have been fleshed out a little more, and I felt some of it suffered from White Room Syndrome — but overall it was fun and interesting and unique. And it gets two huge thumbs-up for diversity. It’s quite a tricky feat, walking the line between a NA LGBT romance and an eerie serial killer story, but Kelley York pulled it off quite nicely.