It’s the last Tuesday of 2014, everybody! So for this week’s Terrible Tuesday, I’ll be wrapping up the best of social media in 2014.

Ha! No, I’m kidding. I only joined Twitter like, a month ago. There are six-year-olds who know more about social media than I do. But I do have a few favorites from the year that I’d like to share.

Best blog posts (there are obviously many, but these three stand out in my mind):

Nano Nano Nano Nano Oh by Authoress http://misssnarksfirstvictim.blogspot.ca/2014/12/holiday-gift-1-christmas-lyrics-and.html

It’s Not Just You by Dahlia Adler: https://dailydahlia.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/its-not-just-you/

OFFER OF REP! (and why I said no) by Lucas Hargis http://lucashargis.com/2013/09/28/offer-of-rep-and-why-i-said-no/

Best YouTube video:

Shoulders by Shane Koyczan (I know, I know — I mention Shane Koyczan on this blog like, once a week. Not my fault. If he were less awesome, I would stop.)

More tomorrow. Happy almost-New Year, everyone!

xo Elizabeth



I have tried about ten times to write a coherent, non-gushing, non-crazy introduction to this week’s video. So far, I’ve been wildly unsuccessful.

But I’ll give it one more shot.


This is a video by the incredible, amazing, inspiring — rein it in, self, rein it in!! — Canadian spoken word poet Shane Koyczan. If you’ve never heard of him… well, prepare to spend the next five or six hours watching every video on his YouTube channel.

All right. Here you go. “Shoulders”, by Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long.

Prepare yourself for goosebumps.

If you’ll be in Canada in March or April of next year, you can buy tickets for Shane Koyczan’s spoken word tour here.

Happy Terrible Tuesday, everyone 🙂

xo Elizabeth


I wanted to call this “Tuesday Timbits”, because I’m Canadian, but I feel like Tim Horton’s would come and bash me over the head with their copyright laws, so… I’m going with “Terrible Tuesday”. Because guys. Tuesdays are the worst. Everyone thinks Mondays are the killer, but if you ask me, it’s Tuesdays. I mean, how many times have you suddenly realized, “Oh my God, it’s only Tuesday?”

It’s happened to me at least five times today.

So, for Terrible Tuesdays, I won’t be doing anything writing-related. This day will be devoted to sharing amazing things with my nonexistent because this blog just started plentiful, dedicated readers. For example, this video:

Ha! Still hilarious, the hundredth time.

Happy Terrible Tuesday, everyone.

xo Elizabeth